Cheesy Garlic rolls

It is so spectacular, that when done to perfection, will make your mouth experience all 50 shades of grey in one bite…. I find ready made Garlic rolls a turn off to say the least. They are either to oily and bloat you, or have been packed by Scrooge  himself.  

I despise opening the foil after all is said and done, seeing the roll reveal itself to you, in anticipation and it’s like……Oh cute look at that, they packed butter into a whole 2 slices… WTF! So no thanks not for me…unless I’m really lazy……sometimes then.

Preparation Time:  10 mins
Difficulty Factor: 3 / 10
Messiness Factor: 1 / 10 Taste Factor: 8 / 10
Visual Appeal Factor: 6 /10
Cost Factor: 1 /10


Hotdog  rolls


The secret to this tasting so good is the cut down the length of the roll instead of slices as we are used to. So the idea here is to use a bread knife flush against the roll to cut a V down its length.  Be careful when cutting and removing the lid, that should look something like a long wedge.

Put Garlic, Butter and grated Cheese into a bowl and mix well. Generously spread your mix all the way down the length of each roll and replace the lid of the roll. Use excess mix to rub over the outside of  each roll. Tear your Tin foil into square sheets, place the rolls diagonally in a corner and roll them up to the far corner. Fold the ends of  the foil in, and proceed to your fire. Make sure you take a beer with you to combat dehydration of course.

Take great care when you got these suckers over the coals. Turn, turn, turn…Then turn some more. They don’t take long and depending on how hot your coals are they might burn, and trust me burn they do. Once they feel a little hard on the outside check one to see, it should be golden brown.

Enjoy the inevitable book rush that is about to explode in your mouth, albiet in various shades of grey.

The secret is the cuts down the length of the roll
The secret is the cuts down the length of the roll

3 Comments Add yours

  1. graeme2210 says:

    These were awesome when I tried them at Byron’s braai on Friday night!


  2. Going to try that indeed! Sounds delicious


  3. Mariano Jose Faulmann says:

    i tried them at the Salivacious Kitchen itself and was simply food into-course, will definitely recommend this as a full on braai starter with an ice cold one in the hand..


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