Bellville Rarebit

This incredible meal takes no time at all, and is a guaranteed hit with everyone ….ok maybe not vegans, but everyone else. Below is the basic version for when time is the enemy, but let your imagination run wild with this one, there is no limits to what you can add to make it your own. A simple slice of ham for example can make a difference.

Preparation Time:  6 mins
Cooking Time: 4 mins
Oven Temp: Grill
Difficulty Factor: 1 / 10
Messiness Factor: 2 / 10
Taste Factor: 8 / 10
Visual Appeal Factor: 9 /10
Cost Factor: 1 /10



Beer / Milk Stout
Herbs and Spices


Toast as much bread as you need and place the slices tightly next to each other in any baking tray or if you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of being stuck in a self catering chalet that has none, well then the oven grid work just fine. Grate enough cheese to cover all the slices of toast and place it in a mixing bowl. Add 50ml of beer (every 4 eggs), whatever spices or herbs work for you and the cheese. Add one egg at a time and mix it in well with the cheese. Carry on adding eggs until the cheese has turned into a paste, the less runny the mix the better.

Spread the cheese on the toast, place under the grill. Almost immediately you will see the cheese mix puff up into a soufflé, this is good. Leave until golden brown. Take out. Cut up. Eat up.


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