Just a guy  who loves to cook, and who finds food that  looks good and tastes even better, totally orgasmic. Recently becoming a dad, when in fact I should be going through a mid life crisis, has taught me two valuable lessons other than unconditional love. How to change a nappy and how to manage my time. Number one I got waxed, that’s a two minute  exercise, no problemo…. Time management on the other hand, is a totally different story. There is not enough time in our day to satisfy all our needs, relax and still make a kick ass meal.

So yes if I can get away with using packet sauce (10 seconds of stirring) instead of making your own (20 minutes) well then, hell yes, I’m all for it. I don’t profess to make health food, but being the enigma I am, don’t discount healthy food totally. Keeping the amount of oil I use to a minimum,  trying my hardest not to use anything that contains MSG, not using butter on a hamburger bun that  I’m about to place the stuff that heart attacks are made of on and keeping my red meat intakes to once a week, and so on. That’s is about as healthy as I get, so if you’re a vegan or health fanatic… Run for the hills now. The meat eaters to my right, consider this, we spend about 22  days out of each year cooking… 22 days!!! WTF, that’s almost a month out of every year we spend in front of the stove. So if u haven’t guessed yet, yes I love shortcuts or anything that will simplify the task at hand, without taking anything away from the quality of course.  

Every recipe that you will find on the following pages has about a gazillion variations, so I can’t emphasize the following enough. Don’t be a sheep and follow the rest of the flock. No I don’t support Manchester United and, no I have never owned a Blackberry, and who says I can’t make a chicken curry with a strawberry yoghurt base. Embrace the Jonathan Livingston Seagull that is in every single one of us and push everything to the limits.  I love to experiment in the kitchen as I do in life, so I don’t follow the rules or recipes. I make my own.


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  1. Anne-Marie Smith says:

    Cooking fantastic food is very self satisfying and a positive feel good exercise. One seems to grow in self confidence along with your cooking skills.Food and all things gastronomical has evolved so much over the last few years , that we have to almost learn how to cook as well as how to eat all over again. The culinary craft will never die out as long as man eats. And what can be better than a good looking guy ,like you, doing the cooking?


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