Lupercalia’s Breakfast Flower

Yes he returns. Wow what a hectic few months it has been. We have a name for it “March Madness”. It’s more like February to May madness, but March madness has a nice ring to it. It turns out that at least 80% of my friends and family are either Aquarians, Pieces or Aries. So it is party after party, and then there’s the kiddie parties. Add my 4th wedding anniversary to the mix and you have yourself a 2 month long party followed by a month long hangover.

So catch up time it is and we shall start with my last post just after Valentine’s day, that I didn’t actually post. A little breakfast gem to die for, Lupercalia’s breakfast flower

So who do we have to thank for Valentine’s day? Ask five different people and you will probably get five different answers. The popular theory is that it is named after a Christian martyr named Valentinus who was executed on the 14 February. The problem is that there were at least five different Valentinus’s persecuted by the Romans, and two of them were executed on the 14th albeit a year apart

My favourite however lies with the Romans and an ancient three day festival called Lupercalia. This was originally called Februa and led to the naming of our second month. Lupercalia (Wolf’s Festival) was in honour of the wolf who suckled Romulus and Remus, celebrating fertility.

Roman’s being the virtuous people they where, celebrated Lupercalia by essentially running around town naked with the hides of dead goats and dogs, smacking all the girls butts they could find, whom I might add actively encouraged a little whipping. Men and women were then paired up by the priests for the duration of the festival, basically a three day sex fest.

Some of these arrangements ended in marriage and others did not, a little like dating. So now we don’t only have to thank the Romans for giving us orgies but S&M as well.

All that said and done, lets have breakfast

Preparation Time:  20 mins
Cooking Time:  15 mins
Oven Temp:  220º C
Difficulty Factor: 2 / 10
Messiness Factor: 6 / 10
Taste Factor: 9 / 10
Visual Appeal Factor: 10 /10
Cost Factor: 2/10


2 Packets Streaky Bacon
Half  Punnet of Mushrooms
200 Grams Feta Cheese
Sun Dried Tomatoes
12 Slices Bread
12 Eggs
Cheese (Optional)


Pre-heat the oven to 220

Start toasting the bread , fry up the mushrooms and lightly fry the bacon .

Once the slices of  bread are toasted, cut them into circles. I just use a small glass to press them out. Place the little circles of toast in a scone  tray that has been rubbed with butter.

Take the bacon (2 slices per pot) and wrap them around the edges of each scone creating a nice open cavity for the filling.

Portion out the mushrooms into the cavities making sure that the bacon now starts to press flush against the tray.

Add sundried tomatoes,  feta cheese and what ever else you feel like and lastly, crack open an egg  each little flower.

FYI: The best way to do this is to poach them, and to do that just place the scone tray in  bigger tray that has a little boiling water at the bottom. The steam will poach the eggs.

Put in the oven and leave until done about 10-15 minutes later.






One Comment Add yours

  1. Michelle says:

    That looks amazing! I must give this a try this weekend. Thanks B 🙂


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