We all love short cuts in life, anything that makes it a bit simpler or easier. To those of you who are shaking your heads in disagreement, have you a never taken a different route to work in the morning because of gridlock?

We spend about a month of our lives every year in the kitchen preparing food for our loved ones and another month of our lives per year stuck in traffic to and from work. Now I can’t avoid the traffic, but I sure as hell can save time and some money in the kitchen.

So as a regular feature I will now include food hacks, cheats and anything that makes life in the kitchen a little easier. Try them they work. Please feel free to share any ideas you might have.

Make your bananas last 3-5 days longer

Take some cling wrap and wrap it tightly around the crown of bananas

bannana hack

Use frozen grapes instead of ice

There is nothing worse than having a glass of wine with some ice, and before you can even get halfway the ice has melted and watered down your wine. Try freezing some grapes and use as an alternative to ice blocks. No  more watered down wine.. woo hoo.

grapes in glass

Don’t want to ruin your recipe books whilst cooking

Take a pants hanger, clip the recipe book into it and hang on a suitable shelf.


Don’t have a corkscrew? No problem

Screw a regular screw into the top of the cork and use a pliers to pull it out.

screw hack

Don’t have a oven grill for melted cheese

Take a regular toaster turn it on it’s side and use it to melt cheese on your toast.

toast hack

Keep your cake fresh

Pin some bread onto your open side of your cake using tooth picks.

cake hack


2 Comments Add yours

  1. retha says:

    Ooooh, that cake…recipe????


    1. Ok Retha, net omdat jy vir my altyd pertyds my vertallings doen, maak ek vandag vir jou ” Angel Cake” gloe vir my dit sal die beste koek wat jy in jou lewe sal proe. geniet dit stuur terug n kietjie (foto) terug…. and for my english freinds… Retha today just for you I am going to make my favorite cake in my arsenal ” Angel Cake”. it takes a little effort but sooooooo worth the while..let me know what you think


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