I love this shooter, it combines two of my favorites; Oysters and Vodka. It is not a pretty drink and considering some people find it hard to gulp down an oyster under the best of circumstances, it is not everyones cup of tea. The rest of you are in for a treat, one that I assure you, you will repeat for the rest of your natural life. 

1 live Oyster
1 Tot Vodka
Slice of Lemon
Tobasco Sauce / Salt / Black Pepper

The best glass to use for this is a Martini glass,  it makes for easy swallowing. Take a live Oyster place it in the glass and pour in the Vodka. The Oyster will now absorb as much of the Vodka it can handle and in effect get drunk and die from alcohol poisoning. Pleasant I know, but rather tread on the save side with total disclosure. I don’t want PETA on my case. Top of the food chain baby, top of the food chain. The oysters tend to cloud the Vodka, so you might want to leave it for a few minutes to settle…

Add Tobasco, Salt and Pepper. Bottoms up.

drunken oyster


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