Hasselback Potatoes


This dynamic little dish uses two of my favorite things, meat & potatoes. Experiment with this one, you could have lots of fun with it. Perfect for a light lunch.

Preparation Time:  10 mins

Cooking Time: 40 mins

Oven Temp: 220° C

Difficulty Factor: 1 / 10

Messiness Factor: 1 / 10

Taste Factor: 7 / 10

Visual Appeal Factor: 7 /10

Cost Factor: 1 /10






Cottage Cheese / Sour cream

Spring Onions

Olive oil




Black Pepper


Take your potatoes  (Not necessary to peel them) and slice them down the width of the potatoes at 3-4 mm intervals. Take care not to slice all the way through.  

TIP: If you have a big enough spoon you can place the potato in it and then when you slice down the lip of the spoon will block you from slicing right through your potato.

Once you have sliced all your potatoes,  place them in a large mixing bowl.  Add Olive Oil, Black Pepper, Paprika and lots of salt (Salt draws all the moisture out of the potatoes and makes them crispy). Mix the potatoes thoroughly in the oil and spices until they are covered.

Place in a baking tray and roast at 220ºC for 40 minutes. Turning them at least once. As the moisture draws out of the potatoes, you will notice that the slices you made start to pull apart from each other. This is a good thing.  Half way through pour some melted butter over your potatoes and into the slices.  

Once the potatoes are done,  they should be a golden brown color. (if you are not sure whether they are cooked though or not, stick a tooth pick into the biggest potato. If you feel resistance, they are not cooked yet).

Cut the Bacon into little squares and insert them into each slice in the potato, and put back in the oven for another 10 minutes.  Once your bacon is cooked add grated cheese and let it melt under the grill.

And there you go all done. All that is left is your choice of sauce on top with some sprinkled Spring onions.  Sour cream and Cottage cheese are the obvious winners, but again you be the master of your own destiny and go wild, hell a chocolate and chili sauce would even work with this one.


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