Welcome, lets eat.

Variety is the spice of life. I love to experiment in the kitchen as in life, so I don’t follow the rules or recipes… I make my own.

Having recently becoming a dad for the first time when I should in fact be going through a midlife crisis has taught me two valuable lessons in life, other than unconditional love.  How to change a nappy and how to manage my time.

In today’s fast paced world we are increasingly slaves to the machine. We get up at least two hours earlier than we should, race to get yourselves and the kids ready. Drop kids off, followed by the bane of my existence…. The hour long traffic jam to get to work. Spend the next 8 hours of the day in front of your computer. This is followed by an equally painful hour-long traffic jam home,  if you’re lucky. Get home crack a beer, play for a few minutes with the kids, crack another beer and start super. Feed the kids, bath the kids, put the kids to bed. So by the time you kick your feet up, crack another beer and actually relax, it’s past nine at night.

Consider this for a minute. We spend about 22 days out of each year preparing our meals. Taking the average life expectancy of your fellow man into account your looking at around 4 years of your life that is spent preparing and cooking food.  Don’t get me wrong I love cooking and i’m totally addicted to food as is every human being on this planet, so much so that without it we die. There’s no cold turkey, no rehab it’s straight to the morgue. See Bobby Sands. By simply planning meals ahead, and making food to cover two days instead of one, I have immediately halved the time I spend in the kitchen. And lets not forget the most incredible invention EVER…The humble dishwasher.. The best money I ever spent, if you don’t have one get one.. Saves you time, saves you money and loads of stress.


Embrace the Jonathan Livingston Seagull that is in every single one of you when trying these recipes. Explore, experiment and push everything to the limits.


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